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The English Enlightenment and “The Economy”: How Some Men with a Vision Created the Modern World and Its Problems , pp 1-28 Downloads
Sidney M. Greenfield
Institutional Climate Change Adaptation Efforts among the Sherpas of the Mount Everest Region, Nepal , pp 1-23 Downloads
Pasang Yangjee Sherpa
Introduction: Individual and Social Adaptations to Vulnerability , pp 1-5 Downloads
Donald C. Wood
Cultural Economics and Ramifications of Home-Brewing, Selling and Consumption of Alcohol among the Maragoli of Western Kenya , pp 3-32 Downloads
Edwins Laban Moogi Gwako
Regulating the Ogallala: Paradox and Ambiguity in Western Kansas , pp 3-32 Downloads
Jane W. Gibson and Benjamin J. Gray
“: We’re Living from Loan-to-Loan: ”: Pastoral Vulnerability and the cashmere-debt Cycle in Mongolia , pp 7-30 Downloads
Daniel J. Murphy
Installing Rooftop Solar Panels in Private Homes: The Case of Small Electricity Producers on Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) , pp 25-46 Downloads
Sophie Bouly de Lesdain
Proprietary Contest, Business Ethics, and Conflict Management: A Multi-Sited Commodity Ethnography , pp 31-64 Downloads
Péter Berta
Living within the Narrative of Microfinance: Vulnerability, Well-intentioned Debt, and the Individualization of Social Problems in Quito, Ecuador , pp 31-54 Downloads
Megan B. Hinrichsen
Synergistic Change and Smallholder Agriculture in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica: * , pp 33-59 Downloads
Deborah Sick
Contested Understandings of Sustainability and Climate Issues in Southern Costa Rica , pp 33-56 Downloads
Julia Smith
“Bug Wood”: Climate Change, Mountain Pine Beetles and Risk in the Southeastern BRITISH COLUMBIA Logging Industry , pp 47-64 Downloads
Patrick B. Patterson
Being an Entrepreneur and Feeling Vulnerable: Encountering Fragility in the Construction Business in the North of Italy , pp 55-78 Downloads
Elena Sischarenco
Climate Variability in West Africa: A Case Study in Vulnerability and Adaptation on the Northern Central Plateau, Burkina Faso , pp 57-76 Downloads
Colin Thor West, Carla Roncoli and Pascal Yaka
Transition to Farming More Likely in a Land of Plenty , pp 61-84 Downloads
Serge Svizzero
Three Shades of Embeddedness, State Capitalism as the Informal Economy, Emic Notions of the Anti-Market, and Counterfeit Garments in the Mauritian Export Processing Zone , pp 65-94 Downloads
Patrick Neveling
Conservation Units, Environmental Services and Frontier Peasants in the Central Amazon: Multi-Functionality, Juxtaposition or Conflict? , pp 65-105 Downloads
Ana Maria de Souza Mello Bicalho and Scott William Hoefle
Contested Affluence: Cultural Politics of Pashmina Wealth and Wildlife Conservation in Ladakh , pp 77-113 Downloads
Alka Sabharwal
Coping with Coffee Rust in Oaxaca, Mexico: Vulnerability and the Impact of Fair Trade on Smallholders’ Adaptive Capacity , pp 79-101 Downloads
Sarah Lyon
Long-Distance Exchange and Centralized Political Power in Precolumbian America , pp 87-114 Downloads
Kathryn M. Hudson and John S. Henderson
Japanese “Merchants of Culture”: The Publishing Business in Japan , pp 97-125 Downloads
Brian Moeran
Fishers, Vulnerability, and the Political Economy of Dispossession and Reconstruction in Post-Tsunami Tamil Nadu , pp 103-126 Downloads
Raja Swamy
Global Warming or Cash Economy? Discourses of Climate Change and Food in Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea , pp 107-133 Downloads
Olivia Barnett-Naghshineh
Markets of the Heart: Weighing Economic and Ethical Values at Ten Thousand Villages , pp 115-135 Downloads
Laurel Zwissler
Maximizing Social Proximity in Market Relations: The Networks of Nigerian Immigrant Business Owners in New York City , pp 117-139 Downloads
Leila Rodriguez
Managing Meagre Means and Reciprocal Reputations: Women’s Everyday Survival Tactics in a Malawian Village , pp 127-152 Downloads
Janneke Verheijen
“Is it Really Islamic?” Evaluating the “Islam” in Islamic Banking in Amman, Jordan , pp 127-156 Downloads
Sarah A. Tobin
Farmers’ Rainfall Anticipation: Incidence and Patterns in Western Nigeria. Advantages of Focus and Problems of Extrapolation in Case Studies , pp 135-153 Downloads
Jane I. Guyer
Provisioning, Shopping and Productive Leisure at North Market, Columbus, Ohio , pp 137-154 Downloads
Lisa Marie Beiswenger and Jeffrey H. Cohen
The Hau of the Theft: Reciprocity, Reputation and the Koh-i-Noor Diamond , pp 141-165 Downloads
Daniel Bradburd
Intimate Economy of Vulnerability: Transactional Relationships Between Western Expatriates and Southeast Asian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong’s Wanchai , pp 153-174 Downloads
Lai Y. Wo
Relative Customers: Demand-Sharing, Kinship and Selling in Solomon Islands , pp 155-175 Downloads
Rodolfo Maggio
Climate Change Policies and Adaptive Behavior of Farmers in Southern China , pp 155-175 Downloads
Meine Pieter van Dijk and Hao Li
Financialization and Financial Labor: Ethnographies of Finance and “Ethnographic Reflections” on British Retail Stockbroking , pp 157-185 Downloads
Alexander Parkinson
The Space between Community and Self-Interest: Conflict and the Experience of Exchange in Heroin Markets , pp 167-196 Downloads
Lee D. Hoffer
Economic Sovereignty in Volatile Times: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ Strategies Supporting Economic Stability , pp 175-198 Downloads
Courtney Lewis
Is Environmental Uncertainty Redefining Fishing Strategies? The Use of the Traditional Lunar Calendar to Allocate Fishing Effort in Ende, Eastern Indonesia , pp 177-211 Downloads
Victoria C. Ramenzoni
Struggles with Changing Politics: Street Vendor Livelihoods in Contemporary China , pp 179-204 Downloads
Shuru Zhong and Hongyang Di
BMW – Mastering the Crises with “New Efficiency?” , pp 187-208 Downloads
Ludger Pries and Martin Seeliger
Suburban Drug Dealing: A Case Study in Ambivalent Economics , pp 197-219 Downloads
David Crawford
American World Visions of Vulnerability: The Sacred, the Secular, and Roots of Evangelical American Aid , pp 199-222 Downloads
Kari B. Henquinet
Sons of Peasants on the Beach: Vendors in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico , pp 205-229 Downloads
Tamar Diana Wilson
Redefining the Meaning of Land: Property Rights and Land Use in a Privatized Commons in Kenya , pp 211-233 Downloads
Carolyn K. Lesorogol
The Origins of the Sustainability Concept: Risk Perception and Resource Management in Early Urban Centers , pp 215-238 Downloads
Monica L. Smith
Socioeconomic Development and Changing Reasons for Using Desert Kites to Kill Gazelles , pp 223-247 Downloads
Serge Svizzero and Clement A. Tisdell
Performing Anonymity: Investors, Brokers, and the Malleability of Material Identity Information in Financial Markets , pp 223-251 Downloads
Aaron Z. Pitluck
Debts and Uncertainty: Circulation of Advance Money among Tourism Entrepreneurs in Agra, India , pp 233-256 Downloads
Riddhi Bhandari
Trial and Error, Study and Sweat: Yoshida Saburo’s Smallholding in Northeastern Japan, 1935 , pp 235-266 Downloads
Donald C. Wood
Merchant Resiliency and Climate Hazard Vulnerability in the Urban Philippines: Anthropological Perspectives on 2011 Typhoons Nesat and Nalgae , pp 239-262 Downloads
Ty Matejowsky
The Creation of a Local Innovation Ecosystem in Japan for Nurturing Global Entrepreneurs , pp 253-283 Downloads
Liv Nyland Krause
Making “Easy” Money: Resilience and Risk in Jamaica , pp 257-273 Downloads
Lauren C. Johnson
Environmental Destruction, Guaraní Refugees, and Indigenous Identity in Urban Paraguay , pp 263-292 Downloads
Richard K. Reed
Self-Employed Women in the Informal Economy: Beach Vendors in Acapulco , pp 269-292 Downloads
Tamar Diana Wilson
Exploring the Interactions: Plot-Level Analysis of Maragoli Women Farmers’ Crop Control and Yields in Western Kenya , pp 285-314 Downloads
Edwins Laban Moogi Gwako
Women’s Autonomy and Microcredit Repayment Delay , pp 293-313 Downloads
Kristiano Raccanello
The Alternative Economics of Alternative Healing: Faith-Based Therapies in Brazil’s Religious Marketplace , pp 315-336 Downloads
Sidney M. Greenfield
The Labor Topography of Central Highland Guatemala Youth: Employment Diversification, Health, and Education in the Context of Poverty , pp 315-347 Downloads
Liliana Goldín
The Integration of Periodic Markets in Mayan Guatemala: A Gravity Approach , pp 349-374 Downloads
Ellis Eff and Christa D. Jensen
The Flow of Goods and Service in Hierarchically Ordered Rural Societies: Patronage, Clientage, and the: Livro Da Virtuosa Bemfeitoria: of the Infante Dom Pedro of Portugal: Revised version of a paper prepared for the session “Rethinking Patron-Client Reciprocity in Neo-liberal Capitalism” at the 109th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, LA, November 17, 2010 , pp 375-407 Downloads
Sidney M. Greenfield
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